The avantgarde accessory label monolar was founded in 2017 by Jasmin Schmitz. She draws her main inspiration from spirituality and nature. Sensing, feeling, evolving, becoming one, merging through our hands, craftsmanship – through appreciation.

She believes that the way a product is made must contribute the most to its value. That is why all products are handmade in the affiliated studio at monolar in Düsseldorf, Germany. When choosing the leather, the selection has deliberately fallen on qualities that clearly reflect and value the origin and life of the animal in their appearance. In this way, the label consciously wants to draw attention to the cycle of making a bag and show that they pay homage to the animal, the living being, to nature and give it a further meaning in its lifelong serving as a constant companion with an individual character.

Zwei Hände bei der Produktion von hochwertigen Lederwaren
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